The Lamar

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The Details

Classic Gus crease

4” brim

4.5” front crown

5.75” back crown


Ordering details:


Beaver fur is considered the highest quality when it comes to fur felt hats. I currently create with 100% Rabbit, 50% Beaver, and 100% Beaver. I am happy to provide you with more information regarding look, touch, and wear of each material.


I offer a range of colors, not limited to the ones listed above. Please contact me for more information.

Size Chart



Sing Hats are handmade in Jackson Hole, Wyoming by Christy Sing. Each hat is a unique work of art. It is crafted according to your specific measurements and aesthetic preferences. Heirloom quality, your hat will stand the test of time. 

"It is important to have a current, precise measurement of your head. If you're located near Jackson, it is preferred to schedule a fitting appointment. If you are unable to visit, give me a call and I can walk you through the process." 
- Christy


*Please note that there is a 12-14 week lead time.