Christy Sing Robertson

Christy Sing Robertson

Sing Hat Company, founded in 2018, is a woman-owned, women-run hat company nestled under the mountains in downtown Jackson, Wyoming.  Started by founder/owner, Christy Sing Robertson, SHC hand crafts the finest heirloom quality beaver felt hats and offers fine Guatemalan palm leaf hats, as well.

Christy grew up in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and moved west 20 years ago.  In 2016, inspired by God, she had the idea and opportunity to do a hat-making apprenticeship.  A single mother of two young kids at the time, and a sales manager for a remote company, Sing Robertson used every spare minute away from her job and kids to hone her skills.  After opening her first hat workshop with the intention of it being a side hustle, the company she worked for full time folded up and she lost her job. She then had to make this hat thing work to feed her family.

Christy lives with her husband, Chris, whom she met in 6th grade math class, and her children, Cora and Noah.  

SHC now has a part-time team of talented female makers helping hand craft each hat. In addition, we work with artisans in the region to bring in accessories like hatbands, sheep hides, clothing, bags and more.  

We appreciate you taking notice of our work.

Christy and Team