Custom Hat Ordering Guide

Made Just For You

We celebrate the simplicity of a timeless hat, with an emphasis on superior craftsmanship and quality design. Sing hats combine style and function and are built to last.

From premium beaver fur felt hat bodies, to satin linings and gold stamped leather sweatbands, each Sing hat is made with the finest materials proudly sourced in North America with a variety of custom options to choose from. Each custom Sing hat is fit to the exact size and shape of your head.

Please note that due to universal supply chain back orders and our order queue - select colors and sizes can expect an 8-12 month average turn around, in stock colors and sizes can expect a 6-8 month average turn around. Send us an email at to see if your combination is in stock.


These hat styles are just a starting point — a few of the classics and some of our own creations. The possibilities are truly endless, and we invite you to let your imagination run wild. If you have a different style in mind we'd love to hear about it.

The Lamar

Characterized by a 3 1/2" front crown, 5 3/4" back crown, gus crease and a 4" western flanged brim

The Townes

Characterized by a 5 1/2" open crown, 3 1/2" brim

The Sale Barn

Characterized by a 3 1/2" front crown, 4 1/2" back crown, 3 1/2" snapped back brim

The Hoback

Characterized by a 4" telescope crown, 4" snapped back brim

The Lubbock

Characterized by a 4" teardrop crown, 4" brim

The Old Timey

Characterized by a 3 1/2" front crown, 6 1/2" back crown, gus crease, 4" pencil curl brim



Our most common brim styles are flat, flanged, snapped, dipped front and back, pencil curled, and western. Keep in mind that a dress weight fur will limit your brim width to 3” & that a rabbit hat will not hold a pancake flat brim as well as a 50x or 100x hat. A western weight brim can be up to 5” wide.

If you prefer a different style, for example - an asymmetric brim or something you've seen in a movie - please leave a note with your order best describing what you're after. 

Fur Options

100x Beaver

Our 100x Beaver hats can be created in a traditional Western weight of 8 oz. or a dress weight of 4 oz.

A Western weight hat of 8 oz. is thick & sturdy, ideal for a working hat and for holding both a large or flat brim. A dress weight hat of 4 oz. is a lighter weight ‘Goin’ to town' hat. It is more malleable & casual.

*A dress weight hat brim is limited to 3”.

50/50 (Beaver & Rabbit)

This felt is a 50/50, 8 oz blend of rabbit and beaver fur felt. It balances the quality of a traditional beaver felt hat with the economical qualities of a rabbit felt hat.



Our most popular colors are natural, sand, sahara, charcoal, granite, dark brown, camel, moss and steele.


To ensure the best fit for your bespoke hat, it all begins with a precise measurement of your head. If you're located near Jackson we highly recommend scheduling a fitting appointment at our studio. This allows us to capture the unique contours of your head with our custom hat fitting device, ensuring a perfect fit and unparalleled comfort.

In addition to a soft tape measuring, we use a custom hat fitting device to obtain the exact shape of your head.  We will craft a wooded band block or retaining block to craft your hat to that exact shape.

This device can be shipped to you if you are unable to visit us in Jackson, allowing us to recreate the personalized fitting experience no matter where you are.


Additional Options

Additional Options

Every hat comes with your color choice of traditional French ribbon or leather lace. We also have Sing Ranch vintage leather tack band as an additional choice. Accoutrement options include a bound edge (a ribbon sewn onto the edge of the brim) and gold embossing of your name or favorite quote on the sweatband.